Flour To Make Pasta

Answers the question ,”What kind of flour do you use to make pasta”

When making egg pasta, a refined flour yields the best results.

In general use a pastry or all-purpose flour (US designation). Or Italian 0 or 00.

Flours are designated differently country to country. The charts below are provided to give you an understanding of what the various designations are.

Whole wheat flours and flours with high contents of bran do not make for a smooth dough. A dough made with these flours will difficult to work because it will not be smooth and elastic.

Some people, however, add dark flours such as spelt and rye to their pasta dough and get acceptable results. (Experiment with your own mixes.)


The whole of the grain, 75% flour & 25% bran 100% Wholemeal 1600 – 700Type 150Intergrale
About 8% of the bran removed Brown 10501102
About 18% of the bran removed Light Brown 997801
All the bran, 25%, removed White 500 – 700550
The finest flour from the early stage of the milling process Patent White 4054500



~ 0.4%~ 9%pastry flour4054500zeeuwse bloem
~ 0.55%~ 11%all-purpose flour550550patentbloem
~ 0.8%~ 14%high gluten flour812801tarwebloem
~ 1%~ 15%first clear flour10501102gebuilde bloem
> 1.5%~ 13%whole wheat flour1700160Farina integralevolkorenmeel